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The Custom Made Furniture Process

The thought of having a piece of furniture custom made to your specifications can seem like a daunting prospect but working with a good furniture maker, the process should be straight forward, easy and enjoyable. More often than not, our customers are able to visit us in person but we have successfully worked with customers who are not able to come in to see us, via email, phone and lots of photos!

The Idea

The First Step is to get a good idea of what you would like custom made and some key elements of what you would like it to look like along with the size of the piece.

The internet, magazines and sites like Houzz and Pinterest are all great places to find inspiration and ideas of styles and colours for your new piece of furniture.

Or perhaps you have an architect or interior designer that has specified or drawn a concept for you.

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Design & Quote

The second step is to bring your inspiration and rough sizes of the piece to us or we can come to you for a site visit. From there we will do a rough sketch, go over different timber and/or colour samples and options. Once we have those details we will provide you a quote for the proposed piece.

We have timber samples available for you to take home so you can see if the colours work with your existing colour scheme and the other pieces of furniture that will be around the new piece.

Finalising the details

The third step is to finalise all the details of the piece like size, drawer/door layouts, styles of tops, mouldings, handles etc... along with the timber type and finish. Once the quote is accepted and deposit paid we will let you know an approximate delivery date.

Sometimes it can take several meetings to get to this point, but often it can done in one visit.

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We will let you know when we start making your new piece of furniture and check that no amendments are required. During the manufacturing process you are welcome to come in and see your new piece being custom made.

We may, during the making of the piece get in touch with you to get your feedback on certain design or colour elements or to finalise things like handles.


When the piece is finished we ask you to come in and give your final approval before arranging delivery and/or installation.


Ready to get started?

Use the details below or the contact form to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can work together to make your new piece of furniture.


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